With the tireless efforts of Chairman Fishermen’s Cooperative Society Abdul Bar, the Sindh government allowed the fishermen to go fishing.

All stakeholders and fishermen are allowed to hunt if the following conditions are met

  1. All stakeholders will first submit an affidavit to the Karachi Fish Harbor Authority that they will work in accordance with the conditions given by the government and the stakeholders will take precautionary measures to protect their workers and provide them with sanitizers and masks.
  2. FCS and KFHA staff will monitor the harbor’s affairs and allow people and vehicles to visit the harbor on a per-location basis.
  3. Fishermen returning from hunting will not unload their goods at the harbor and the crew of the boat will remain on the boat. The fish will be auctioned on the boat and one representative each from FCS and Mole Holders You will be allowed on the boat.
  4. After the auction, the goods will be taken directly to the processing plant factory by vehicles.
  5. No more than 5 laborers will be allowed to unload the goods from the boat after the auction.
  6. All boats will be allowed to unload from 6 pm to 6 am.
  7. After the auction, the jetty and the market will be cleaned with disinfectant by the staff of FCS.
  8. Only vehicles allowed by FCS and KFHA will go on the harbor.
  9. To enter the export zone and market area, you will be allowed to go through the walkthrough sanitizer gate installed by FCS.
  10. No one will be allowed to go to the jetty or the market, nor will he be allowed to keep the fish on the floor of the jetty or the market.
  11. No more than 4 or 4 people will be allowed to gather within the limits of the harbor.
  12. Boats coming to Harbor Channel will be removed immediately so that there is no rush.
  13. It will be the responsibility of the processing plant owners to run the plant in different shifts so that there is no rush of workers

Any person or stakeholder found violating the above instructions will be prosecuted under the law.